No Petrochemical Storage Tanks on Our West Bank, A Compendium of Citizen Concerns

CompendiumMEJAC organizers participated in the creation of a comprehensive compendium of resident concerns over expanding the petrochemical complex along the Mobile River into historic neighborhoods like Africatown. At 66 pages, its size alone sets the tone for how deeply-held Mobile-area residents’ convictions are against such quality-of-life-wrecking “development”.

The statements compiled within come in direct response to the City of Mobile’s Planning Commission Subcommittee on Above Ground Storage Tanks’ recommendations that would permit petrochemical tanks too close to homes, schools, and churches.

Medical doctors, business leaders, University professors, residents, neighborhood advocates, among many others present compelling analyses for why we must not continue expanding petrochemical facilities on the west bank of the Mobile River.

From MEJAC’s statement: “Paraphrasing from the preamble of the Earth Charter, “The protection of Mobile Bay’s vitality, diversity, and beauty is a sacred trust”. Of equal importance is the fair and just treatment of all citizens, regardless of perceived differences such as income or ethnic background. The people in closest proximity to the proposed petrochemical developments on the Mobile River have spoken with a resounding “NO” to above ground petrochemical storage and transit facilities near their homes and neighborhoods. MEJAC stands with them.”

Please join us as we pour over this engrossing and compelling document! Click below to download your copy!

No Tanks On Our West Banks Compendium (2.8mb PDF)