Africatown Public Comment Opportunity: Kimberly-Clark’s Air Pollution Permit

Speak Up for Environmental Justice TODAY!

The deadline for Public Comment on the Kimberly-Clark Corporation paper mill and distribution center’s Draft Clean Air Act Title V Major Source Operating Permit (Draft Title V Permit) is tomorrow, Friday, April 23 by 5pmCST, but there’s still time to demand that the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) perform an Environmental Justice review as part of the permit!
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Webinar Series: De-Coding the City of Mobile’s proposed Unified Development Code (UDC)

Join MEJAC, the Mobile Alabama NAACP, and directly affected Mobile residents from across the city in taking a critical look at the City of Mobile’s proposed Unified Development Code (UDC) zoning code rewrite based partly on MEJAC’s UDC report, “Changes are Necessary for the Proposed City of Mobile UDC Zoning Code Rewrite”(

We will open our panel discussions every weekday February 15-19 for a lively and revealing conversation about the Mobile zoning code and its proposed UDC rewrite at 11am followed by a brief audience Q&A.
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REPORT: Changes are Necessary for the Proposed City of Mobile UDC Zoning Code Rewrite

A yellow Caution road sign reading "Missed? Opportunities Ahead" in the foreground of a picture of Mobile Government PlazaThe Mobile Environmental Justice Action Coalition (MEJAC) has submitted copious written commentary to the Map for Mobile Unified Development Code (UDC) process for over three years now about its Africatown Overlay and other elements of the proposed zoning code rewrite.

In the end, the Build Mobile never responded to any concerns from anybody about the proposed Africatown Overlay, which is absolutely intolerable.

Our agency was initially hopeful about the possibilities, and there are many elements of UDC Version 4 (UDCv4) which are positive steps in the right direction. For instance, Neighborhood Meeting standards for Up-Zoning, Conditional Use, and Planned Development creation/modification permit applications should help alleviate any confusion around the authenticity of positions presented as neighborhood opinions should controversy around projects brew. However, we have many outstanding concerns. Continue reading

On Proposed Tolling on the I-10 Bridge, Tunnel, and Bayway

Proposed I-10 Toll Bridge, Tunnel, and Bayway Diagram

Proposed I-10 Toll Bridge, Wallace Tunnel, and Bayway in relation to the Cochrane-Africatown USA Bridge and the Bankhead Tunnel from

The proposed I-10 Toll Bridge, Tunnel, and Bayway are controversial for their toll, but Africatown residents have concerns with the toll, toll aversion traffic, as well as many environmental concerns and concerns with the existing infrastructure along Africatown Blvd that results in dangerous conditions for residents.

On Tuesday, July 19, 2018, the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) hosted a community meeting at the Robert Hope Community Center in Africatown about its plans to include a tolling component in the proposed I-10 Bridge and associated Bayway reconstruction.

Participants in that meeting raised numerous concerns not only about the possibility of traffic that would avoid the proposed toll on the I-10 Bridge and the Wallace Tunnel but also about existing conditions of traffic in the community that regularly results in difficulties and dangers for residents. Participants also requested that ALDOT commit to another community meeting to expand participation. Continue reading